EHS Security Collaboration Communication Platform
Hybrid deployment with private and public clouds
Front-end job site / intelligent video management and control platform, supporting multi-terminal access
Support 3G / 4G / WiFi / fiber network access methods, etc
Fieldwork staff
One platform covers all construction sites, production lines, factories, offices, pipelines, underground facilities, aerial scenes, and supports managers, experts, inspectors and field personnel and equipment to collaborate and communicate efficiently.
The ability to access a variety of field operations
Support Android / iOS, two-way audio and video calls, voice recognition, face recognition and remote post sign-in; video recording, intelligent screenshot saving, intelligent early warning, alarm voice broadcast.
Intelligent audit system
AI intelligent audit, intelligent monitoring, intelligent early warning, fast alert, establishment of human-machine, human-to-human AI review, proofreading, analysis, real-time feedback, real-time dialogue, establishment of global surveillance, intelligent early warning, fast alert, real-time dialogue, efficient meeting combat command Collaboration platform.
Connected to EHS venue, meeting room upgraded to war room
EHS on-site operation management, connecting the operation site, construction site, production site, inspection site, maintenance site, etc. into the meeting, presenting and sharing the site situation in the most efficient way